I love these mesh produce bags by purifyou!

Did you know that plastic produce bags, which are generally used once and then thrown away, can seriously hurt sea life? It’s true. Up to 100,000 marine animals may die each year from ingesting plastic bags, which look, when floating in the sea, like jellyfish, a favorite food of sea turtles, some species of shark, and the Pacific Sunfish. If they don’t eat them, they can become entangled in them, strangling or becoming stuck and unable to seek food or shelter.

On land, these bags present hazards to birds and small wildlife which are subject to many of the same negative impacts, from ingestion to suffocation. And plastic grocery bags are a problem too…

There is an easy solution to this problem: washable mesh produce bags by purifyou. These extremely durable, washable, and incredibly lightweight bags come in three sizes for everything from a couple apples to heads of cabbage to whole celeries. They are so lightweight they will not add to your grocery bill, and can be tossed into the washer and dryer whenever you like. You can even leave the produce in the bag in the fridge until ready to use, like you would the plastic bag you’re trying to quit using. I’ve been using these bags for over a year and love them. They still look like brand new! (No, the company is not paying me to promote this product-I use it every week and it keeps about 20 plastic produce bags per month out of the landfills-or a sea turtle’s stomach! And that’s just ME! Imagine if we ALL could take 20 bags per month out of the environment!)

You could use them for a lot more than produce though-toting home bulk nuts is one of my favorite uses for them! Or you could wash delicates in them or keep small items like toys organized in them…but hey, we’re trying to keep plastic out of sea turtles, right?

Only $10.97 for a set of 9 bags, and you can order from here:


Go green!



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